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 The Adventure of the Songs

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helping Molly in the lab
helping Molly in the lab
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The Adventure of the Songs Empty
PostSubject: The Adventure of the Songs   The Adventure of the Songs I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 04, 2011 5:48 pm

The Adventure of the Songs
Author's note: Please don't steal this. I am very proud. Thanks, enjoy, and have fun.
John's voice carried down the hall to where Sherlock lounged on the couch. Is he... Singing? In the shower? Sherlock sits up, a smile of his face. Oh this is just great. He slinks down the hall, grinning the whole way. The plan? Listen to John's singing, and when he's done showering to bug him about it. Oh, what fun! Sherlock crouches down outside the door, listening.

"I need to believe! But I still want more, with the cuts and the bruises! Don't close the door, on what you adore! Faith! It drives me away!..." His voice trailed off as he hummed the tune. Sherlock pushes the door open slightly, trying to catch the last of the lyrics before the shower shuts off. "It rockets through the universe, it fuels the lies and feeds the curse! And we to could be GLORIOUS!" The water shuts off and the curtain flies open and John steps out. Seeing Sherlock's head poking through the door he shrieks in a very unmanly way and jumps back into the shower, pulling the curtain around him. "HOLMES!" He pushes the door all the way open and leans against the sink,

"What John? I'm right here."

"What are you doing in the bathroom?"

"Listening to you sing."

"WHAT?" Sherlock crosses his arms,

"You heard me. I was listening to you sing." John sputters as he sticks his head out from behind the curtain,

"Wha- WHY?" Sherlock seems to think about this for a moment,

"You surprised me."


"You actually have a nice voice. How did you ever make it through the military being all self conscious?"

"I've been back for a while now, privacy is something I cherish. Now if you would be so kind as to hand me a towel and leave so that I can get dressed." Sherlock sighs,

"Dull." He hands John a towel and shuts the door behind him with a click. As soon as he discovers something interesting about John, he has to go and spoil it. He leans against the door and waits for his friend to finish up in the bathroom. Dull. John nearly jumps out of his skin when he opens the door and finds Sherlock staring him down from across the hall.


"Nothing John. I've just never met a singer."

"Wait, do you mean you don't sing in the shower?"

"Well obviously not."


"According to someone, I don't listen to normal music meaning that I don't have music to sing to in the shower. And plus, why would you sing in the shower when you can just as easily sing out here, where it's easier to be heard." John runs his hands through his still wet hair before answering,

"From my experience, the reason you sing in the shower is to mask the horrible noises you make when you sing. The running water distorts the sound, making you more confident, therefore, you sing."

"I don't sing." Sherlock scoffs,

"I know."

"I play the violin."

"I know that too." John heads toward the kitchen. Obviously taking a shower makes him peckish.


"What Sherlock?"

"You called me Holmes."

"You scared the living daylights out of me."

"Daylights don't live." John sighs,

"It's a figure of speech."

"Oh." John finishes in the kitchen,

"How come there is never any food?"

"You don't go shopping."

"I do all the shopping." Sherlock ponders this a moment before nodding in agreement and asking,


"What now Sherlock?"

"Would you sing if I played?"

"You play all the time."

"No! I mean if I played the violin, a song that you knew, would you sing?"

"I don't know Sherlock. It depends."

Sherlock raises an eyebrow, "Depends on what?" He retreats to his room and brings his violin out, briefly putting rosin on the bow and sliding it across the keys. "Sing." He demands before bursting into familiar notes, pausing in the middle of a measure when John refused to sing.

"How do you know that song Sherlock?"

"I heard it on the radio once."


"I'll know if you get the lyrics wrong too." He runs the bow over the strings one more time, "Now, sing." John takes a deep breath,

"Sometimes I don't understand you."

"Few do. Shush, now sing." John takes another breath, searching the recesses of his brain for the first set of lyrics. Ah.

"There's a creature that live beneath your bed, of for crying out loud, it's a futon on the floor, he must be flat as a board." He begins tentatively getting a nod from Sherlock to continue as he plays the notes, taking the place of the guitar, "There's a creature that lurks behind the door, though I've checked there fifteen times, when I leave then he arrives, every night. "

"Good John, really good." And Sherlock sways as he plays,

"You know this song is really long?"

"Yeah I know, now sing."

"Tell the monster that live beneath your bed, to go somewhere else instead, or you'll kick him in the head. Tell the creature that lurks behind the door that if he knows what's good, he won't come here no more, cause you're kicking his butt at the count of four. Good night demon slayer goodnight! Now it's time to close your tired eyes. There's devils to slay, and dragons to ride, if they see you coming Hell they better hide. Good night my little slayer goodnight!" Sherlock whips into a violin solo, leaving John in the dust. "Sherlock! I can't sing anymore!"

"I forgive you. Sing something else?"

"Like what?"

"Do you like the Shins?"

"The band?"


"Yeah. They are pretty neat actually." John pauses as realization dawns, "Have you been looking through my music?"

Sherlock looks at John hard, as if trying to make him read his mind, "Look John, we share a flat, I make it a point to know what you like. Now would you like to sing along with me or not?" John sighs and wipes his face with his hands,

"Listen, I'll sing one more with you. I'm making it a point now to not to sing all the time with you. If someone walked in it'd be a little bit awkward trying to explain." Sherlock nods in his understanding, all the more reason to try and make him sing more often. Heck, they could probably spend the rest of the night singing and playing if he played his cards right. He strummed his violin preparing it for the Shin's song, 'Kissing the Lipless' playing the opening chords. John smiles,

"I like this song too John. Quite interesting actually, now. Sing."

"Called to see, if your back was still aligned and your sheets were growing grass all on the corners of your bed. But you've got to much to wear on your sleeves it has too much to do with me, and secretly I want to bury in the yard, the grey remains of a friendship passed." Sherlock pauses at that last line,

"That won't happen to us right?"


"Our friendship won't break like that will it? You won't want to bury the remains of our friendship in a metaphorical yard will you?" Sherlock lowers the violin into his lap, studying John's face, waiting for an answer. John looks at him hard before replying,

"Well I bloody hope not."
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The Adventure of the Songs
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