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 Sebastian of the Past

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helping Molly in the lab
helping Molly in the lab
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PostSubject: Sebastian of the Past   Sebastian of the Past I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 09, 2011 3:15 pm

Author's Note: This was inspired by Sherlock calling Sebastian, Seb in the Blind Banker episode, and mentioning that they had gone to school together. Please enjoy. I know I had fun writing it.
Sherlock Age: 21
Sebastian sits down heavily, bags under his eyes, hair a mess and still in his pajamas. He's been shagging. It's appalling how noticeable it was.
“What's for breakfast?”
“No idea.”
“Sherlock Holmes!” Seb raises an eyebrow, “You know everything, how can you not know what's for breakfast?”
“It's probably something cold or I could have told you. How did you sleep?” Give him Hell Sherlock. That's fun! Make him squirm. Mock me and things happen.
“Fine thank you.”
“And how about her?” He doesn't react, he's used to things like this.
“What could you possibly mean Sherlock?”
“Oh that girl. The one with blonde hair and soft fingers.”
“What?” Oh I've got him! Oh what fun.
“You heard me perfectly, what was her name? Let me guess, Sabrina? No, Brittney. No. I bet it was Mallory. How many is it this week? Is this the fourth? What if they all find out about each other?” I tsk while he stares wide eyed at me. Obviously I've hit a nerve. Good.
“It was Mallory, how did you-?”
“Remember what I told you about asking those kinds of things.” Sebastian nods and falls quiet. There. That's smart, and a good way to keep him thinking. Oh this is just great! I love to make him think. “How much alcohol did you manage to smuggle in?” It stirs him from this thoughts,
“Do I have a stain?”
“No, I can smell it from here. How much?” His eyes light up and a mischievous smile crosses his face,
“Oh, loads.”
“That's nice Seb.”
“Oh you're just mad that you didn't get invited.” Sebastian claps me on the back, laughing loudly. Clearly not as sober as I had assumed. I smile weakly, that's not the case at all.
“Sure Sebastian. You're right as rain.” He screws his face up, obviously it doesn't make sense, but in his muffled brain it is something totally off the rocket.
“I'm not okay at all!”
“I know.”
“Well then-?”
“How about you just sit back and wait for breakfast okay?” Seb nods,
“Do you know what's for breakfast?”
“No. I already answered this.”
“Oh yeah. Thought you knew everything.” I sigh. Drunken people are really mundane.
“Did you study for the test in Calculus?” Sebastian's eyes widen,
“We have a test today?!”
“Yes Seb. Are you telling me that I spent my last weekend tutoring you for no reason because you didn't even study?!” Sebastian shakes his head.
“I totally forgot about this.” I pat his shoulder softly,
“It's okay. I forgive you, but if you fail I don't want you beating me up.” Seb scoffs,
“As if! I've seen how you fight, I wouldn't be able to lay a finger on it.”
“Well played.” He grins,
“Thank you!”
“Joseph's been shagging. Third time this week, you know, it's amazing. What must it be like to be you? Transport, the brain is what matters, everything else is transport.” Sebastian looks at me as I study the boys as they come down the stairs in their jim-jams.
“You are a weird one Sherlock.” I nod,
“Thanks Seb.”
“I didn't mean that as a compliment.”
“Yes you did.”
“Okay. Maybe just a little bit. But sometimes you can really freak us out. How did you know about Mallory?” I tear my eyes away from the sight of the boys and look at Sebastian in the face, raising an eye brow inquisitively.
“Do you really want to know?”
“Do you stay up all night and watch us? Sneaking out of dorm? AGAIN.” I give a small laugh in response, obviously I don't do that. Last time I sneaked out, I got caught and scolded for a week. No. I don't do that anymore unless it's absolutely necessary. “Are you psychic?” Okay, now that's really funny. I start to laugh for real,
“I'm not psychic, I simply observe.” He laughs a bit,
“Okay, tell me about Joseph. Who did he shag?” I look Joseph over once,
“A brunette, shot, slightly dumpy, but probably pretty. She was clingy all night and is probably still in his bed. She should probably get up or she's going to get caught. Her name is probably Chloe or Rebecca, judging by the amount of spilled drink on his shirt I'd say he was pretty drunk and didn't even realize what he was doing.”
“Are you making this us?!” Seb sounds like he's offended. No. I'm not making it up. How could he even think that?
“NO! I'm just observing.”
“Well what do you see?”
“There is a spot on his arm that is redder then the rest of it, indicating that she clung all night, she was short and her hands are thicker then most girls hands because of the size of the mark. He probably didn't even notice that. Joseph isn't stupid, he's not going to sleep with someone who isn't at least semi-pretty. Short because of the position of the mark on his arm as well. There are a couple of hairs on his shirt that aren't his, brown, definitely a females, brown hair. There you go. Name, every name is pretty stereotypical. I guessed Mallory because it sounds like a blonde name. Rebecca sounds like a brunette.” Seb nods before asking,
“There is still one thing I don't understand, how do you figure she's still in his bed?”
“I didn't notice anyone leaving, and Joseph obviously isn't too bright because there is a pair of woman's knickers sticking out of his pocket.”
“I should probably go tell him....” I shrug, it's not my problem if he gets in trouble, it also isn't my problem if he doesn't. I don't really care either way,
“Go be chivalrous Sebastian. I know you have it in you.” He smiles before getting up and waltzing over to Joseph. I watch as he whispers in his ear and Joseph sits up, going pale. He sends a glance my way and I flash him my best smile and offer a little wave. That will make him steer clear of me for a while. Joseph stands up and dashes back to his room to get the girl to leave before getting him into trouble. I think it's been a productive morning. I want to laugh but that would be wrong. Seb comes back over, a smile on his face,
“Did you see how pale he got?!” he starts to laugh as he takes a seat, and I laugh with him. Now it's not so odd.
“That will make me even more of a freak, at least you stick with me Seb. Why is that?”
He looks at me a moment as if trying to figure it out himself, “I don't know Sherlock. You're an interesting chap, and I kind of like it.” I smile, Sebastian is the last person I would think would think like that.
“Thanks Seb.”
“It's the truth.”
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Sebastian of the Past
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