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 Just A Game Of Cards

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helping Molly in the lab
helping Molly in the lab
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PostSubject: Just A Game Of Cards   Just A Game Of Cards I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 12, 2011 2:45 pm

Author's Note: I wrote this because I was inspired by something Mark Gatiss said in the commentary for 'The Great Game' episode. To be able to get it, all I can say is. Cards. And be looking for it. I'm not going to say what all was said, so you have to watch it for yourself. Razz Ha!

John sat across from Sherlock, flipping his cards quickly, hardly looking at the small stack. Sherlock reached out and slapped the deck, cackling as he did so. He scooped up the small pile and added them to his hand. John swears under his breath before addressing Sherlock,

"How the Hell are you that fast? I'm pretty sure that you're cheating." Sherlock grins,

"It's not a matter of cheating, it's a matter of your clumsiness."

"What?" Sherlock sighs and sets his cards on the table, face down of course. Reaching across the small table he grips John's wrist,

"See, when you flip the card to put it to the desk, you do this," Sherlock demonstrates, "You flip it in such a way that I see the card before you do. Therefore I know what card it is and when to smack the deck." Sherlock releases John's wrist and sits back in his chair, a smug look on his face.

"Well isn't that how you flip them?" Sherlock smiles again before shaking his head,

"No." John scoffs,

"Well then show me." Sherlock scoops his cards up again.

"I'll do it slowly so your brain can comprehend."

"Ouch Sherlock." Sherlock smiles again before flipping the card over. "Once more, slower this time?"

"Oh, but of course." Sherlock very slowly flips the card over and stacks it with the rest of the pile. John grins suddenly and smacks the deck before Sherlock could react.

"Gotcha." He gathers the cards while Sherlock scowls at him.

"Now that was cheating."

"No it wasn't. We were still playing. You just weren't paying attention. Play." John straightens out his deck, waiting for Sherlock to lay down a card so they could continue to play. Sherlock is quiet,

"I suggest a new game. Give me your cards." As soon as John handed them over he knew it was a mistake.

"FIFTY TWO PICK UP!" Sherlock throws the cards into the air and lets them drift down on John's head, like the snow that was falling outside. John sits there, making those faces of unhappiness, and maybe a little bit perturbed, that Sherlock had grown accustomed to. "Oh come on, you should have seen it coming John. Now you're just being an arse." John frowns,

"Oh, so now I'm being an arse. Says the man that threw fifty cards over my head."

"It was fifty two. Fifty two are in a deck." John sighs.

"That's counting the jokers."


"Which we left in the box." Sherlock makes a face and screws his eyes up,

"Shut up John."

"Only stating the facts my dear friend. And I am not picking those up." John stands up, kicking the chair behind him. Sherlock groans,

"Out to see Sarah again?"

"Of course. We have a date."

"Can't you cancel?"

"Why would I do that?"

"Because I'm bored, and I wanted to go out tonight. I need some air."

"The world doesn't revolve around you Sherlock." Sherlock furrows his brow,

"It doesn't?"

"You better be joking Sherlock. We had a conversation on this not too long ago."

"We did?"

"The Earth goes round the sun, as do all planets."

"Oh! That conversation."

"Yes. That one." John shrugs on his coat, getting ready for a night out with Sarah.

"Please John. Don't make me beg." John rounds on Sherlock, who, he could swear, had tears in his eyes. "You'll regret the decision as soon as you make it." John knows he shouldn't do it, he knows, but he can't help it.

"Sherlock, I can't. Not tonight." Sherlock's bottom lip trembles as he walks toward John, gripping his arm he starts to bawl,

"PLEASE! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE! NOT BY MYSELF! I DON'T WANT TO BE BORED! NO ONE CARES ABOUT ME!" Sherlock sinks to the floor, tears spilling down his cheeks, he pulls John's arm to his face as he cries, "YOU WANT ME TO DIE! IT'S THE TRUTH! NO ONE LOVES ME! IT'D BE BEST IF I JUST DISAPPEARED RIGHT NOW! WO IS ME! EVERYONE HATES ME! THE WORLD IS GOING TO BURN BECAUSE I'M USELESS!" Sherlock stops screaming, but not crying, it's really heart wrenching to watch, and John knows he shouldn't, knows that Sherlock is being dramatic, but he can't help but feel guilty. Sherlock knows he's going to get his way as soon as John joins him on the floor, and fights the urge to smile. Easiest game of winning over he's ever played.

"Fine Sherlock. FINE! You better have something pretty spectacular planned though." Sherlock looks up at his friend who knelt above him, grinning. He wipes his cheeks and stands up, straightening his jacket and holding his arms out for a hug,

"Oh just you wait." John frowns and folds his arms,

"Sarah's going to have a fit. She hates you enough as it is." Sherlock drops his arms, looking slightly dejected.

"Her and the rest of the world. So," he shrugs, "What's one more person?"

"You have to promise to pick up the cards when we get back."

"Of course."

"It was just a game of cards, and now you've managed to talk me out of a date. How do you do it?"

"Very carefully."
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Just A Game Of Cards
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